List of Reasons to Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle

I recently had a work related meeting and my visitor, amongst other more related to wine business things, confessed that he was a diabetic and after 4 months he has made a change in his diet he has gone off insulin. Surprise surprise, we are talking about a veggie diet. As a Spaniard, he also added that it was quite difficult to limit beers and cheese, but to his surprise, jamon was quite easy to eliminate.
I am an inquisitive man, so I’ve asked where he’s got the advice from. He said he watched a documentary called ‘What The Health’ on Netflix.
Dare me say, but after a few very busy pre-Christmas days, I’ve decided to indulge in a more educational programme, so I’ve turned that film on. It was an hour and a half of tears, revelations and a sheer joy. The latter come from a fact that knowledge is indeed power.
I urge you to watch it. I won’t be throwing all the numbers and research that those guys have collected. It is though fairly simple and straightforward – you are to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle. People are getting more and more sick simply because of eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs. All these products contribute negatively to our health and are a cause of many diseases. On top of that, livestock agriculture is affecting our communities negatively – a farm of 2500 cows will bring as much total waste as a town of 440K people, isn’t it just shocking? Finally, all this waste from our communities will simply go and create even more problems on a global scale – greengas emissions that are the major cause of climate change. Did you know that animal agriculture cause 3 x more negative effect on our climate that transportation ?
Since then I have taken a few afternoons off and I’ve watched a few more documentaries, i.e. ‘Forks Over Knives’ and ‘Hungry for Change’, ‘Saving Capitalism’ and ‘Cowspiracy’. They are all talking about the same – we are being programmed by big industrial corporations to eat more meat, more sugar, more junk food; we work in 9 to 5 environment because they want us to have less and less free time. This lack of time creates the need to eat on the go, we then treat ourselves with something nice like a chocolate bar. This goes on. If you, like me, have ever thought your rat race is concerned about your 9 to 5, think again – it is about your whole lifestyle!
Confession should be made, I am not necessarily a rebel type of a person. I hate conflicts. I am making a very firm decision to come back to healthier me with a vegan lifestyle. It is healthy: no GP or medical professional can deny that! It is more ethical: have you been to a slaughter house or thought how sausages are made?
I will come back here with more information how my journey to embark on a vegan lifestyle is going. I already hear some objections that I have had in my mind too – ‘how can I get enough protein with vegan food’, ‘how easy it is to just do vegan food’ or ‘is vegan cooking way too expensive’. Let’s get through it together in my next posts.

Here is my list of reasons to go vegan:

1. Climate change, green gas emissions – animal agriculture being the primary contributor.

2. Waste, a stark difference how much is generated by cows and by people. If you ever were trying to save water by showering less, forget it! The amount of water that goes to support animal agriculture is times and times greater.

3. Resources – a very short story here is that if we re-direct all the grains and other foodstuffs that we feed animal livestock with to third world countries, we will eliminate hunger on the entire planet. It is as simple as that. Cannot be a stronger argument…

4. Ethical reasons – you don’t need to call yourself a Buddhist to say that killing is wrong. I cannot put myself to watch another decapitation of a duck or cow’s slaughter. Sorry, call myself a faint hearted, I don’t care, but I do want to have less of this on our planet.

5. Health – if you want a reason that is closest to your own self there could not be a stronger one. Meat, dairy and eggs contain carcinogens and allergens that make us weaker and are in general detrimental to our health in many ways. Go natural and wholesome, there are so many colourful and tasteful natural (vegan) ingredients that you can use for your snacks, salads and cooking. Your body will love you for this. The above documentaries also claim that going vegan will help to reverse many diseases and make your body feel more energetic an healthy again. I know a few people who are cancer free and diabetes free just because of that and it is a proof that is enough for me.

Do you want to try yourself?
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